1 a large room with a 'picture frame' and a door area
2 a lovely painting of a fox and it looks like there picture frame
3 a large hallway, with doors labeled with "khuxkm's room" and "ovh server room" door
4 there is a massive stature of Sonik the Hetchhoog here khuxkm's room
5 uwu owo its a foxy boi fox
6 lots of servers! in the corner you see "ben's dedi" and a fan ovh server room
7 mspe sitting on top! fan
8 an engraving reading KHUXKM Sonik
9 oh look! its tilde.team ben's dedi
10 oh look its ROBERT KHUXKM
11 why are you looking in mspe? keep this SFW lol. you also see kumquat mspe
12 even more doors!!! this is a long hallway doors
13 some users include ~ben ~khuxkm ~hazel ~kiedtl ~xfnw ~mspe ~kumquat tilde.team
14 look at the shonk BLAHAJ!!!!!!!!!! ~hazel
15 there is a chromebook with 1 tab open: https://tilde.team/~hazel/blahaj shonk
16 a door leading to the lounge and more doors hallway
17 a sign that says "Hare Krsna!" and some lovely couches lounge
18 hmm looks like kiedtl and spacehare are here too here
19 oh wait, kiedtl and spacehare aren't here nvm kiedtl
20 a sign saying kiedtl and spacehare WAS here previously kiedtl
21 a sign saying if you ping kiedtl one more time, they will SMASH YOUR ASS kiedtl
22 a paper reading "get a life loser" kiedtl
23 it's an envelope with something written on it paper
24 a sign reading why are you here anyway large
25 there's nothing to describe boi
26 painted with love by xfnw painting
27 made by michenlengo stature
28 go back too
29 go already go
30 the go gopher already
31 meow meow meow its mspe and his spaceheater ~mspe
32 why would you go to a sign if you can already see what it says? sign
33 some Rusty projects, a container of bin scripts, some documents, a couple python irc bots, a README.md, a LICENSE.md, a maze of twisty passages, and a public_html directory. ~kiedtl
34 a maze of twisty little passages, all alike maze
35 a maze of twisty little cabbages, all alike maze
36 a maze of thirsty little Babbages, all alike maze
37 a maze of twisty little cabbages, all alike maze
38 a maze of misty little villages, all alike maze
39 a maze of musty little adages, all alike maze
40 a maze of trusty little savages, all alike maze
41 a maze of tasty little cottages, all alike maze
42 a maze of twisty little villages, all alike maze
43 a maze of tasty little cabbages, all alike maze
44 a maze of twisty little passages, all alike maze
45 a maze of hasty little Babbages, all alike maze
46 a maze of rusty little collages, all alike maze
47 a maze of twisty little Babbages, all alike maze
48 isvarahparamahkrsnah waxing his legs michenlengo
49 isvarahparamahkrsnah tells you to join librekrsnah isvarahparamahkrsnah
50 BOOK SHOUOLD BE FREE and you also see isvarahparamahkrsnah's netbook librekrsnah
51 you see a 'homework folder' isvarahparamahkrsnahs netbook
52 In my homework folder, I see only blank pages. I still need to do my homework! homework folder
53 that if you look closer its actually isvarahparamahkrsnah\'s library of waxing videos that he watches at night see
54 aaah people stop using apostrofes, it messes with lost theres nothing to describe
55 it says KHUXKM on it engraving
56 what the fuck are you doing here maze
57 the room's slightly uneven, with a few degrees of slant on the walls and ceiling, the worn cobblestone floor seems out of place room
58 you see batman hidden in the dark guarding r1k's room corner
59 lost batman
60 hmm nobody's been here before, describe what you see with $desc lost
61 why are you here? why
62 anyway you are here so anyway anyway
63 you are here anyway anyway
64 you are here anyway and see "g1n's house" anyway
65 g1n's house is can be a cool place with "notebook room" g1n's house